Quality Is Never an Accident

Spear Aesthetics is a leading dental practice that specializes in restorative and aesthetic dentistry located in Seattle, Washington.

Client's Request

Drs. Gregg and Jill Kinzer wanted to rebrand their practice and website. They desired to have an experience that would match the level of dental care and professionalism they provide.


Skagga provided a fresh new approach to their brand that effectively conveyed the superb quality of service Spear Aesthetics consistently delivers.

Marketing Strategy

Skagga assisted in producing a strategy to acquire new patients that value refined aesthetic beauty and are not tied to insurance for their restorative dental care.


Skagga implemented a dentist-centered approach to the website. Inspiration was taken from high-end fashion and luxury for a unique and modern style. An emphasis on high-contrast black-and-white design elements was used to elegantly modernize the brand. Skagga also refined their existing logo, providing options for formatting and typography to find the desired high-end look and feel.

Photo Shoot

Skagga art-directed the photo shoot, by providing directions on
specific locations, compositions, and apparel to convey the essence
of a high-end luxury feel.

Web Development

Our websites are tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Your website is central in your marketing strategy and is a reflection of your business.


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