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Inspired Ortho is an orthodontic dental practice located in Seattle and Bellevue Washington led by Dr. Rebecca Bockow. Dr. Bockow lectures nationally on periodontics, orthodontics, interdisciplinary orthodontics, airway, and skeletal growth and development.

Client's Request

Dr. Rebecca Bockow had purchased two practices in different locations and wanted to rebrand them under one unified presence for a cohesive patient experience. The goal was for an overhaul of the practice’s look and feel.


Skagga assisted in developing the new name by guiding the client through a name-creation process. While working with Dr. Bockow we helped to identify the personality/look and feel she wanted to achieve that reflected her practice and resonated with the patients.

Provided Services  & Deliverables

Marketing Strategy

Skagga worked with the client to define the unique holistic treatments and services offered for the client’s orthodontic and airway health patients. Factors considered included target demographics and focusing on specific patients and services.


Through multiple meetings and design refinements, Skagga defined a vibrant yet approachable, gentle modern aesthetic for the brand. The logo creation, photography, and brand messaging were all integrated to impact the overall feel. All factors were considered when creating the brand.

Marketing Collateral

Multiple print pieces were designed, including welcome packets for adults and children, providing an integrated brand feel to enhance the patient experience.


Skagga leveraged Dr. Bockow’s national lecture series, developing multiple mini-lecture clips to communicate Dr. Bockow’s position as an expert in her field. These mini-clips are short, digestible segments for new and existing patients for education and brand exposure. Skagga launched extensive targeted online advertising campaigns to promote and expand the brand footprint. In addition, extensive ongoing SEO work was completed to enhance Google ranking using organic keyword placement as well as advertising due to the highly competitive nature of the Seattle and Bellevue areas.

Website Development

Skagga custom-designed an extensive SEO-robust website specifically built to help with the highly competitive target market of the Seattle area. The color palette was chosen to convey a gentle and approachable feel to the site to affect user experience.


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