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Spaulding Dental Co. is a restorative dental practice in Gig Harbor, Washington. Dr. Melissa Spaulding is an active member of the SPEAR dental study club and is committed to excellence through using advanced technology including the dental microscope to achieve the best results for her patients.

Client's Request

Dr. Spaulding purchased an existing dental practice from her previous business partner and wanted to make it her own. She aimed to highlight the natural beauty of the area in a boutique style that represented her and also connected to the patients in Gig Harbor.


Skagga worked with Dr. Spaulding to help her define the brand’s overall look and feel to help her personality shine. This brand overhaul allowed Dr. Spaulding to communicate the dental services she offers in a fun and creative way. The brand engages and elevates the expectations of patients.

Services Provided & Deliverables

Marketing Strategy

Skagga helped define the practice’s target audience and created an
aesthetic design to attract the appropriate demographic.


Skagga illustrated the core values of an authentic boutique practice to communicate truly personalized care with a high level of attention to detail. Skagga collaborated with Dr. Spaulding on the company name to use the “Co.” to further emphasize the high-quality boutique experience. We explored Dr. Spaulding’s Canadian roots and her love for French culture to elevate the brand and add a touch of elegance and flair.

Photo Shoot

Skagga art-directed a creative photoshoot in the harbor to illustrate Dr. Spaulding’s connection with Gig Harbor and her local patients.

Collateral Material

Website Development

Skagga utilized unique patterns, floral elements, and striking photography to showcase the brand’s and Dr. Spaulding’s personalities. The overall gentle feel of the website was intentionally selected to convey the type of services provided.


"“I have had the pleasure of working with Nate Skaggs and his team
at Skagga Inc. since 2019, when I purchased my dental practice. 

He took the time to ask me questions and get to know me as a person to help create my brand. Collaborating with Nate and his team is a pleasure.
He is so open to hearing my ideas and then making recommendations based on those. 

I have had several patients comment on how beautiful my website is. I am very pleased!” 



Gig Harbor, WA



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