Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing: Content, SEO & Social Media

Strategy is key to
marketing success.

Skagga works to ensure your marketing objectives fit the big picture - your long-term success. It can be overwhelming to manage your short and long-term marketing strategy. We manage the process for you through careful planning and benchmarking ensuring your business responds to your market at the right times.

Marketing Plans & Initiatives

Skagga will research your market past and present, outline quarterly strategic initiatives and prepare benchmarks associated with each strategic initiative. We will work with you to ensure the initiatives are executed and benchmarks are measured.

Press Releases

We identify key publications and prepare press releases to report newsworthiness of a particular individual, event, service or product.

Social Media

AMED 2012 Meeting on Facebook

We'll help you get set up to spread the word about your business using social media, such as: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to forums and blogs.

SEO & Internet Marketing

Google Analytics

Would you like to drive and increase traffic on your web site? We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to get your site found and strategically market your site on the internet.

Web Design

Each site is custom designed to integrate your branding and identity. Our designs are clean, simple and easy to navigate.

Email Marketing

Achieve results by establishing an email marketing campaign. We create and send personalized HTML emails to your target your visitors.

Web Blogs

Interested in setting up your own interactive blog? We help design your custom blog so you can interactively communicate with your audience.

E-Commerce or Event Registration

We develop effective shopping cart solutions that are secure, user-friendly and expandable. If you are selling one product or hundreds, we have an integrated solution for you. If you are having a paid event, we can custom tailor your online event registration to accept credit cards online securely.

Brand Identity

Defining your identity is the first step to building a solid brand. We work with you to develop a unique brand that will differentiate you in the market. Effective branding is a permanent definitive mark of ownership that communicates the company's ideals. It becomes a standard of reassurance of the value of a product, and encompasses the vision, marketing strategy, and philosophy of the company. Through strategic sessions we facilitate and cultivate an environment which provides a structure to define a company's identity and in turn makes it easy to forge a unique customized brand.

Print Marketing

Print Marketing for Vision-Scapes Landscaping

Create a unified look that will reinforce your brand by integrating all of your collateral material. Business Cards, Letterhead, Brochures, Advertisements, Catalogs, Newsletters, Postcards, Banners, Presentation Folders and more.

Package Design

Lockout Packaging

Present your product to your user with sophisticated package design. Package design is a part of the nonverbal communication sales points customers physically touch. A few items we consider are: user interaction, how it will stand out from other products in the market, and whether it has the brand DNA.


GrossNickle Eye Center

Allure your customers and visually represent your company by having Skagga create effective signage to articulate your offering.