About Us

Skägga is a marketing, web, design and business development company.

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We serve a wide range of clients.

We offer a wide range of services to help businesses develop for success. From web-based communications and print material to industrial design and event administration, Skagga will produce integrated design solutions that strategically support your business objectives.

We offer services in:
  1. Web Development: We custom build sites from the ground up, integrating a unique brand identity and web solutions to reach your target market and ease your administration.
  2. Brand Collateral: We brand and forge your identity with style and integrate it throughout all your print media.
  3. Strategic Marketing: We reach your target audience through comprehensive marketing plans and specific initiatives.
  4. 3D and Concept Design: We develop concepts and ideations for various products creating innovative design solutions in product development.
  5. Business Development: We plan, implement, execute and drive businesses into healthy income revenues.
  6. Applications:We evaluate processes and procedures and create applications that perform coordinated tasks and functions.

The Skägga Team

Our team consists of top-notch designers, coders, information system designers, marketing communications experts and administrators led by Nate Skaggs. We have a team of 6-10 employees dependent on the types of projects and workload. We take a collaborative approach with our wide range of experience to produce superior marketing collateral for our clients.

Please contact us today for more information by calling 260-493-7772 or emailing us.

How we came up with our name:
After going through 100's of names we couldn't get away from our own name and heritage. Skägga is of swedish origin. We enjoy the modern clean style associated with Swedish design and also want to honor our family. In Sweden, it is spelled with the umlaut mark, ä, Skägga. Skägg is beard in Swedish. We liked adding the a to the end for the way it sounds. Skägga pronunciation: Since we spell it Skagga and Skägga, take your pick: Ska-(a as in apple) -gga, or Ska- (ah as in align) gga.

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