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Xplor Commercial Real Estate

November 13, 2018 in General

Fort Wayne, IN - With over 35 years of combined experience in Northeast Indiana, the agents of Xplor Commercial Real Estate are making their mark in the local economy surrounding Fort Wayne. Our ongoing collaboration with Xplor has resulted in a complete brand design including logo, website, brand collateral, signage, and more… Contiune

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Seattle, WA - Spear Aesthetics' premier dental clinic takes a unique approach to restorative and esthetic dentistry, an approach that is focused on transforming and enriching patients’ lives. In reaching out to us at Skagga, Inc., Spear Aesthetics presented their desire for an elegant and modern website with a leading-edge design UI: a simultaneous expression of the precision and professionalism of their craft along side the warmth with which they treat their patients… Contiune

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The Coral Edge: Global Reach

November 12, 2018 in General

Founded in 2006, The Coral Edge offers business and technical strategy consulting as well as delivering cloud-based, mobile and integration solutions for clients globally. Having partnered with The Coral Edge previously, Skagga, Inc. was asked to collaborate on a fresh brand, including logo, website, and collateral… Contiune

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Fort Wayne, IN - Dr. Nicolas Soulier and Dr. Xiqiao (Natalie) Ding of Soulier Eyecare Associates believe it is the personal connection, fostered by listening to and understanding patients, that turns an eye exam into a fulfilling and enjoyable eye care appointment. This caring and dignified approach has marked Soulier Eye Care Associates for years and we at Skagga, Inc. have been delighted to help convey this theme through a new and fashionable, mobile-friendly website design… Contiune

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