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IRIS Global is a Christian non-profit missionary ministry founded in 1980 by Rolland and Heidi Baker. Based in Mozambique, Africa with over 40 bases around the world, most of IRIS Global’s ministry takes place among the underserved, the destitute, the lost, the broken, and the forgotten.

Client's Request

The founders of IRIS Global reached out to Skagga to develop their web presence and to kindle imagination and creativity in their worldwide ministry.


Skagga has collaborated with Rolland and Heidi Baker and their administration to develop varied branding products for each ministry sub-brand.

Services Provided

Ministry Communication Strategy

Skagga implemented new branding through numerous touch points, developed various web and native applications to serve IRIS Global, and provided quality website development designed to express the ministry's vision.


Skagga worked with IRIS to refine their existing logo mark and established a brand family.

Skagga also created a brand standards guide for consistency throughout the ministry and to facilitate the trademarking of the IRIS logos.

Sub-Brand Identity

Skagga worked with IRIS Global to create branding for IRIS University that conveyed the ideas of academia, freedom, and empowerment.

IRIS University is a Christian higher education campus that educates and empowers the next generation to lead, innovate, and transform every sphere of society. IRIS University offers degrees in Public Administration, Business Management, Theology, Oceanography, Marine Biology, and Medicine to name a few.

Print Communication Materials

Skagga worked with IRIS Global to extend the expression of the IRIS brand through its annual report and various other printed materials.

Vehicle Graphic

Skagga explored several variations of paint/graphic schematics to represent the IRIS ministry. Rolland requested a creative approach to design the paint scheme which became the ministry’s flagship aircraft.

Website Development

Skagga collaborated with Rolland and Heidi Baker and the Iris Global team in developing a mobile-friendly website redesign. The aim of the new IRIS Global website was to tell the ministry's story and show how God 's hand is moving throughout the globe. Skagga also created mini websites for each base location, a multi-media section, a custom developed school application, and giving and payment section.

Interactive Map/ News

Skagga created an interactive map that allows users to quickly find information about various bases around the globe and hear the latest news from those sites. Each location has a sub-page that introduces the missionaries at that base and gives those missionaries a chance to share their heart and have a voice within the IRIS Global site.

Web & Native Applications

Skagga worked to develop various web and native applications for IRIS Global that reduced their need for both additional school admissions administration personnel and financial administration staff members, freeing up valuable resources for further outreach missions.

School Application Web App

Skagga developed an extensive online application for IRIS Global that streamlined mission training school application.

This web app allows students to sign up completely online, upload required documentation, and view their current status.

A back-end administration system allows administrators to process applications with ease, update an application status, automate emails to students upon acceptance, integrate letters of invite from base countries, have flight itinerary and passport available, automate notifications to student, immigration department charts, and medical history charts among other things.

The app's automation of so many features reduced the need for personnel and allowed for the multiplication and creation of additional training schools.

Financial Web App

Skagga developed a financial app for IRIS Global that integrated with Non-Profit QuickBooks and SalesForce (a Customer Relationship Management Tool) for the managing and sorting of the thousands of donations and school payments made to IRIS Global each year.

This financial web app has a mapping system that integrates with QuickBooks to automatically synchronize the QuickBooks classes and designates what fee, payment, or donation goes where.

The app also automates receipts and notifications and keeps track of past giving and school payments for users.

This app reduces the workload for financial administration staff members, freeing those funds to be able to bring spiritual and physical peace to those in need.

Native IRIS Media App

Skagga developed a podcast application for IRIS Media. This app allows users to watch podcasts and is available for both iOS and Android.

Affiliate Ministry

Skagga worked with Rolland and Heidi Baker to create a simple informational website showcasing their personal callings and ministry with a way for people to donate directly to them.

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