The Future is Mobile

Brightstar is the global leader in end-to-end device lifecycle solutions for carriers, retailers, and enterprises. The Client serves carrier, retail, and enterprise customers across 57 countries, processing over 80 million devices a year.

Client's Request

The client requested Skagga for ingenuity in brand development and quick solutions for their pilot projects.


The Coral Edge commissed Skagga to work in tandem with them for their client, Brightstar. Skagga worked with executive IT team and CFO on several projects to expedite and provide swift concepts and development.

Services Provided

Mobile Life

Skagga developed UI/UX for an enterprise solution designed for the management of mobile devices per company. An E-Commerce solution was implemented to purchase new products and peripherals from various mobile carriers. Multiple dashboards were created allowing the client to get an overview of all devices company-wide

Mo' Freedom

Skagga worked with onshore and offshore resources and coded the
Intershop e-commerce solution to match the chosen front-end design.
Service offerings included:
- Back-end logic with the integration of their CMS
- Front-facing e-commerce solution with multiple integrations
- UI / UX

Yoyo Mobile

Skagga worked with the business development lead and produced a pilot project for a direct to consumer seller of refurbished mobile
devices. Service offerings included:
- Business Model Exploration
- Brand Identity and Package Design
- Front-facing E-commerce Solution
- UI / UX Integration

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