Industrial Design

Industrial Design Concept Sketch

Everything man made has been designed.

We strategically explore and refine design solutions integrating form and function. Let us bring fresh ideas to your industrial product line.

Transportation Design

Styling. True curb appeal. Simplifying the lines and forms for aesthetic beauty. We offer design solutions for the exterior and interior of vehicles. Skagga can start from scratch or provide design refreshes on automobiles, trucks, boats, atvs, and more. We find it very comfortable working with surface modelers and engineers to execute the selected design.

Product Design

Problem solving. Integrating multiple components into one solution. We can create fresh, beautiful and functional products that appeal to the user. Skagga designs unique solutions for the marketplace.

Concept Development

Concept Art of Wheels Hubs

Entrepreneurs welcome. Need to flush our your idea or do you want us to create a unique product that will revolutionize the industry? We research and develop ideas translating them into sketches, renderings. and mechanical drawings. From city planning and process flow to creating breakthrough innovations. We have a developed network of relationships with engineers and patent attorneys for the development of your product.